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Luke Kuechly 'on schedule' after shoulder surgery

While Thomas Davis rightfully garnered all the attention for playing in Super Bowl 50 with screws in his arm after a fracture, it's no less impressive that fellow Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly played the entire playoff stretch with a torn labrum in his left shoulder, suffered during the first half of the regular season finale.

It's been six weeks since Kuechly underwent surgery. The Defensive Player of the Year candidate said he's on track for a return after ditching the sling two weeks ago.

"It's been good. I've just been here (in the training room) for the most part," Kuechly told the team's official website. "I'm feeling better and it just takes time. It's a process and these guys do a great job. We're on schedule."

Despite the injury, Kuechly didn't miss a practice, compiled 29 tackles and a sack in three playoff games and became the first player in NFL History to return interceptions for touchdowns in consecutive postseason games.

Kuechly added that he's had to retool his offseason workouts due to the injury, putting down the heavy weights for more cardio-type training.

"There are some different exercises to do - I'm doing a lot of bike stuff and lower body stuff," Kuechly said. "It's going to be a gradual process. Once everybody gets back I'll be able to do some stuff, but they are going to alter and modify what I can do. We have time so we might as well use the time."

Kuechly and Davis make up the best sideline-to-sideline tackling duo in the NFL when healthy. Both entered the offseason banged up, neither should be hindered as the Panthers make a run at four straight NFC South titles.

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