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Luck will be 'very nervous' for Colts' preseason opener

Andrew Luck has passed each test thus far this offseason, but the Indianapolis Colts quarterback has a big exam coming up this week.

The Colts head to Seattle to face the Seahawks in their preseason opener on Thursday night. Luck is expected to play about a quarter, his first time throwing a football in any game action since Jan. 1, 2017.

"Nervous? I'll be very nervous," Luck told Peter King of NBC Sports about Thursday's tilt.

Hopefully not nervous enough to lose his lunch.

Getting through the preseason audition unscathed will be a key step for Luck. It's the first time he'll truly be in harm's way during his comeback.

Practice reports suggest Luck is mostly on track to be back to normal once the season starts, with his deep ball seemingly improving by the day and the zip on his passes returning.

"I've been able to turn off the governor in my mind," Luck said. "I'm just going out there throwing balls. There is nothing holding me back. There are some things that feel really good, like an old sweatshirt that you put on that just fits well. And there are some things that still feel awkward and new and wobbly, per se."

Getting hit and landing on that injured shoulder is another step to take in the process. Making it through the preseason tilt and feeling good afterward will be a big stride in ensuring Luck is ready for a full workload once the season opens.

After more than 19 months without playing a game, Luck's preseason debut will be one of the most anticipated developments of the exhibition season.

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