Luck vs Taylor highlights tough Week 3 fantasy calls

The regular season is here. That means all of your roster decisions now come with significantly more gravitas. Every choice you make from here on out comes with a lot more consequences. That means it's important that you make the right call. In that case, it's good that you're here for Make the Right Call. What a coincidence, eh?

Should I start in Week 3: Tyrod Taylor or Andrew Luck?

The fantasy football world is in an outright panic over Andrew Luck's shaky start. It's understandable. Here's a guy who was an early second round pick in plenty of leagues and is currently the 26th-ranked quarterback. No bueno. But it's a little too soon to give up on such a talented player. After all, even his "poor" first week still resulted in nearly 18 fantasy points. There's no doubt that Tyrod Taylor is an extremely talented player who has surprised even his most ardent supporters, but there's a reason that Luck was unanimously considered one of the top two fantasy quarterbacks entering the season. Trust your guy and give him another shot this week. If it goes awry in Week 3, you have my permission to officially freak out.

Better waiver wire pickup: Steve Johnson or Dion Lewis?

This is an intriguing choice between two players who were overlooked by nearly everyone at the start of the season. I've been making a weekly plea to Fantasy Nation to grab Steve Johnson off of your respective waiver wires. It seems that the message is slowly sinking in. We haven't needed to be so persistent about picking up Dion Lewis. In this case, that's the proper choice. Johnson is a great add for anyone seeking a wide receiver since he plays with a quality quarterback in a good offense. But Lewis is playing in an even better offense with a better quarterback and has the added benefit of being able to touch the ball as a runner and a receiver. Usually in cases like this, it's always better to choose the running back. It's even better if that running back appears to be overcoming #Belitricks.

Should I trade Randall Cobb and Carlos Hyde for Antonio Brown?

Sometimes great is the enemy of good. Antonio Brown is a fantasy stud, there's no doubt about it. But is it worth it to give up two players who could be very productive in order to get one great one? I don't think so. Randall Cobb has gotten off to a "slow" start (he's still ranked in the top 20 WRs after two weeks) but should continue to rise in the ranks as the season continues. Carlos Hyde might not give you too many more days like Week 1, but he should still be good enough to be a quality RB3 in many leagues. That might not sound great, but talk to anyone who's gone running to the waiver wire in search of RB help recently -- that sort of depth is nice to have. In this case, hold steady and don't make the deal.

Who should I drop: Charles Johnson or Devante Parker?

This is a move made for depth on the roster since neither Johnson nor Parker are going to be starters for your fantasy team anytime soon. I believe in going with the player that has the greater upside, which in this case is Parker. Johnson had a couple of nice flashes last season which led some of us to believe that he could be a deep sleeper this season. That's not the case so far with Mike Wallace being Teddy Bridgewater's preferred target. As for Parker, we've just started to get a glimpse of him on the field with the Dolphins, but there are expectations that the rookie could make an impact this season. Miami's No. 2 WR job doesn't seem solidified -- Rishard Matthews is making a play for it, but it's far from settled -- which means Parker's upside could be big.

Should I start Matt Jones or David Johnson?

These are two young running back that I am very big on right now. As much as I've made a play to get David Johnson on my rosters, I do have concerns about him. Johnson has been a playmaker in the first two weeks, but he's not seeing a whole lot of touches. It could be even tougher once Andre Ellington is back in the mix. I would expect that Matt Jones will continue to split snaps with Alfred Morris, but his share of touches has continued to increase and there are no other real obstacles to him being a productive fantasy running back.

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