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Los Angeles Rams could clinch division title in Week 11

The Rams have a chance to make pro football history come Monday night.

Los Angeles can clinch the NFC West with a victory over the Chiefs in Los Angeles combined with a Seattle loss to the Packers. If those events unfold, the Rams would become just the second team to nab a division title in Week 11 since the 16-game schedule began in 1978.

The first team to do so? The Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears of 1985, a 15-1 powerhouse that opened the year with 12 straight wins before falling to the Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

We'll know by Thursday night if the Rams remain in play for this historical feat, with Green Bay slated to visit the Seahawks on TNF.

Either way, Los Angeles certainly has its work cut out against a high-flying Chiefs squad sporting equal on-field promise and Super Bowl dreams of their own.

Spoiler Alert: Whether it happens this week or next -- or soon after -- the Rams are winning this division with ease barring an unprecedented large-group alien abduction or the entire roster being sucked through a time-travel portal that ships Sean McVay and friends back to 1540s Prussia.

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