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Lloyd plans to stay in St. Louis if OC McDaniels does

Despite all the struggles the Rams have had this year -- and the fact that they've won just two games since he was traded to the team from the Denver Broncos -- wideout Brandon Lloyd said Thursday he wouldn't mind making St. Louis his permanent home.

"I would like to stay here," Lloyd told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I've been well-received by the players, by the coaches, by the community. It's been overwhelming; an overwhelmingly warm reception. Coming back to Missouri and St. Louis. I would love to grow with Sam Bradford; that would be awesome. I've never had a true elite-level quarterback in my career."

As is oftentimes the case, however, Lloyd put a disclaimer on his wish to remain a Ram: The deal is off if offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels skips town.

"I can't even lie about that," Lloyd said. "I'm tied to McDaniels. He uses me differently than other offensive coordinator (has) used me in my entire career. He uses me as an every-play receiver. The short game, mid-range game, gimmick passes, deep balls."

Lloyd led the NFL in receiving yards (1,448) with the Broncos in 2010 -- his one full season with McDaniels -- and the future free agent said teaming up with the coach is his top priority when evaluating possible destinations. NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported Thursday that McDaniels will be a candidate for an assistant position in Kansas City as well as the vacant head coaching job.

"Probably No. 1 (as a factor)," Lloyd said. "Because I want to be successful, and I want to earn whatever money I'm making. I want to be used in ways where I feel comfortable and I can be successful. And Josh knows how to do that."

The Ramsend their season Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

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