Lions' perfect start will come to an end against 49ers

Albert Breer went 7-6 with his predictions in Week 5 and is now 48-29 for the season. How will he fare in Week 6? His picks are below, with home teams listed second:

Scary matchup for Atlanta, with Cam Newton on the Georgia Dome fast track. The rookie phenom will play well. But the Falcons are still better.

Perhaps the quietest big story in the NFL is the way that veteran coordinator Mike Zimmer has brought together the Cincinnati defense. Curtis Painter is no match for that group.

In talking to folks on both sides, two words describe what's coming: Street fight. This bare-knuckles brawl goes to the Niners, who are equipped to contain Detroit's defensive front.

I think the Rams battle for Steve Spagnuolo this week, and I could see this being competitive into the fourth quarter. In the end, though, Green Bay's too good.

New York needs it more and is judicious with the ball against the turnover-hungry Bills.

Pittsburgh needs to build momentum this week, with New England, Baltimore and Cincinnati on the horizon. Blaine Gabbert gives the Steelers' defense a hand there.

Part of me says the Eagles rally. But I don't like the Eagles' line against Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, and I'm not sure Philly can squeeze mistakes out of Rex Grossman.

To this point, it appears to me that the Ravens have the only defense in the NFL capable of winning games on its own. It happens against Houston at home.

Carrying the 25th-ranked run defense into the Black Hole isn't advisable. Not with Darren McFadden there to welcome Cleveland.

Dallas will roll up plenty of yards, but be forced to earn it in the red zone against New England. That's where the Patriots take the edge in this game.

The 49ers cut the Bucs, and the Saints and Drew Brees bust the wound wide open. Next week's game against Chicago in London will be a big one for Tampa.

Chicago switched out starting safeties this week, which smells a little panicky for this juncture of the season. Call this one a hunch.

Much has been made of what a mess the Jets are. Little has been made of how, at this point, the Dolphins are in worse shape. And in good position to help New York get well.

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