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Lions' Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn will return for 2020

Matt Patricia doesn't have to worry about his job security this winter.

The Lions organization announced Tuesday its decision to keep both the head coach and general manager Bob Quinn.

Patricia has been under fire, and legitimate questions swirled around his status after his Lions took a step backward in the win-loss category this season, going from 6-10 in his first campaign to 3-10-1 with two games left to play. He said Monday as long as his key card works, he's going to continue to go to work and give it his fullest effort until those in charge "have to throw me out."

Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford was less humorous in her words Tuesday.

"We expect to be a playoff contender," Ford said, per the team's official website. "That means playing meaningful games in December."

There will be no meaningful games this December for the Lions, who will forge into 2020 with Patricia and his trademark pencil still in charge. We'll see if they can improve in the new decade.

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