Lions get rare opportunity to host Monday nighter

Why to watch
This game will settle which is the second best team in the NFC North, behind Green Bay, and could be crucial for tiebreakers. No quarterback has been hit more than Jay Cutler the past couple of years, and few teams can get after the passer without a blitz like the Lions. Cutler is also coming in off three consecutive poor performances. A 4-0 Lions team hosting a "Monday Night Football" game? Don't you think Ford Field will be bonkers?

Inside story
Controversial calls were a big part of the two games these teams played last year ("the Calvin Johnson rule" became a household term). The Lions thought they deserved to win both, but it was the Bears playing in the NFC Championship Game. Chicago's Julius Peppers marred Matthew Stafford's 2010 season with a shoulder injury in Week 1. Lions haven't experienced a loss in quite some time, having won 12 consecutive games, including preseason, dating back to 2010.

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