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Lions' Eric Ebron vents against social media detractors

Eric Ebron has fallen into the quicksand that is fighting with your detractors on social media.

The Detroit Lions' second-year tight end, who had a relatively disappointing rookie season (and was taken ahead of Offensive Rookie of the Year Odell Beckham) must have plenty of lunacy in his mentions folder, a common occurrence that finally manifested itself in a tirade Sunday afternoon.

Let's see how he did:

An interesting use of behoves (sic) there, certainly a bracing way to start off this tweet. The rolling capitalization also suggests that he's not fooling around. One slight criticism: Don't go right for the mom's basement thing. It's a bit tired.

On to Tweet No. 2 -- which has since been deleted.

"Just Saying Yall Act Like We Want Social Media. We Have It For YOU So YOU Can Feel "Like Your In Our Life" Yet Yall Make Pointless Remarks"

True. As someone who prefers the days of hateful, anonymous e-mail, I believe Ebron makes a good point. I could imagine a world where athletes were asked thoughtful, honest questions on Twitter and weren't punished for having an opinion. For example, I'd love the opportunity to tweet at Ebron and ask him for his thoughts on Antonio Gates and how a player like that inspires a great generation of tight ends. But even if I did, he probably wouldn't be able to see it through all the "YOU NEED TO PLAY BETTER" tweets in his mentions.

Tweet No. 3, which contains an expletive, and also has been deleted, is not embeddable here, but I'll give you the gist: Ebron says that the more you hate on him, the more his follower count rises while yours (the haters) stay the same.


I always look for that mic-dropping moment when I'm in an internet feud.

Ebron is just living our dreams -- even though he audibled and deleted his therapeutic venting session.

Overall Twitter rant grade: B+

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