Lions' Caldwell 'not going to cry about' missed call

Moments after the Detroit Lions lost their fourth straight game, this time on a penalty that should have been called, Lions head coach Jim Caldwell may have been too exasperated to articulate his thoughts.

"I'm not going to even go there," Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. "Talk to (vice president of officiating Dean) Blandino and those guys."

When informed that Blandino said the Lions should have gotten the call, Caldwell had this:

"He's in New York, he's got the microphone. They talk to him, so ... that's ..."

Caldwell went on to say that he's not going to "cry about it, that's for sure," and said he cannot take any solace in what happened knowing that the Lions could have won the game.

In a bizarre exchange that ended the line of questioning, Caldwell was asked to explain the play from his perspective. In response he said: "I'm not going to explain it, because it's ridiculous. It's ... you know ... one of many."

He was asked to clarify what he meant by "one of many," especially if that meant one of many poor calls by officials, but grumbled his way out of a further clarification.

There's no doubt Caldwell wasn't happy about it and why would he be? A rule was supposed to be enforced that wasn't, and his team was deprived of a chance to punch in the go-ahead score from one yard out.

Now, he's 0-4.

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