Life-sized cutout of Tim Tebow escorts Iowa teen to prom

An Iowa teenager took a life-sized cardboard cutout of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to her high school prom last week, according to Raycom News Network.

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Rachel Bird, 18, a senior at Kingsley-Pierson High School, had used Twitter to ask the real Tebow to take her to the dance after one of her friends offered her $50 if she could pull off the unlikely feat. She never heard back from him.

"I wanted to go to prom with my group of friends but all of my guy friends had dates," the 18-year-old wrote in an email. "I didn't want to just go to prom with anybody, because then I wouldn't be able to be with my friends the whole time.

"I figured I would get some laughs out of my friends, and then in group pictures, I wouldn't have to be standing alone," Bird said.

She said it cost $20 to have the photo of Tebow made life-size. She then glued the vinyl print on cardboard she got from a local hardware store. Her dad attached a support and a handle so she could carry him around.

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