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Lewis says he's leaning toward retiring if Ravens win title

One and done for Ray Lewis?

If the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl, the middle linebacker told Tuesday, then he will strongly consider retiring.

"My son will be a junior (in high school) this year. I only play this game for another ring," said Lewis, 36. "If we can win it this year, and I'm being brutally honest with you, if we win it this year, I'm gone to then spend as much time as I can with him. I'm gone to be with my son. And I feel like now we have enough pieces in place to make a good run at the Super Bowl."

The Ravens, who won the Super Bowl after the 2000 season, are coming off their fourth playoff appearance in five seasons. And the 16-year veteran has been in the middle of their success.

"I don't know when it will all be over for me," the seven-time All-Pro and 12-time Pro Bowl selection said. "People want to use my age against me. They say I'm too old. People fear getting old. I don't fear that because now I have wisdom and a tough body to go with that wisdom."

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