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Letter from Scott Turner: Impacting future generations together

A letter from NFL legend Scott Turner:

To have played nine years in the NFL was a great honor and dream come true. As a player, I developed many great relationships both on and off the field. Coming from a broken home, it has always been my heart to see families stay together and for young men to become responsible husbands, fathers, and servant leaders. Through the course of my career, I had the opportunity to be mentored by a few players who will be remembered not only for their on-field achievements, but more importantly for the types of fathers, husbands and community leaders they have become.

With the platform that I was provided as a NFL player, I was intentional about helping people fulfill their potential and lifelong ambitions. During my tenure as a player, I became interested in government leadership. From 2013-2017, I served as a State Representative in the Texas Legislature. My time there included focus on several issues, including those that affected the families of our communities. Utilizing my experiences as a player and former Legislator, I look forward to serving the NFL players and owners as we work on reforms in the criminal justice system. My hope is that we, together, will make a tremendous impact on our generation and on generations to come.

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