Les Snead, Jeff Fisher deny 'inaccurate' reports of rift

With the Rams slinking to another sub-.500 season, attention is being increasingly paid toward the inability of general manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher to build a winning team.

Reports have slowly filtered out that the relationship between the duo is "toxic" and that the front office is so dysfunctional that it has merited the nickname "Rams Junior High." But of those rumors, Snead had a definitive response to reporters on Friday.

"Definitely inaccurate," Snead said regarding reports of a troubled relationship with Fisher, per Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

Snead's retort comes as a reaction to a press conference on Wednesday during which Fisher explained that the organization has to do a "better job from a personnel standpoint" and that he was unaware that the Rams had even signed Snead to a two-year extension.

"I didn't blow (his comments) out of proportion in any way," Snead added. "I realized we were in the same boat as far as getting extensions."

It had just been announced that same day that Fisher signed a two-year extension in the offseason, which all but furthered the narrative that there was an absurd disconnect between the two parties.

Fisher denied such a rift or miscommunication, claiming, "Les and I have been on the same page since day one. We communicate all the time, we work together, we make decisions together."

Intrigue surrounding the Rams brass' immediate future has mushroomed, thanks to events, including but not limited to Fisher delaying Goff's debut, the team's record, the coach's amusing spat with Eric Dickerson, this most recent "toxic" report and, to a lesser extent, his deeply-symbolic inability to find his challenge flag Sunday. 

What the next month holds for both Snead and Fisher is unknown, but if the pair's comments are any indication, they're still in it together.

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