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Leonard Williams enjoying Jets' crazy OTA battles

When the New York Jets paired coach Adam Gase and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams many eyebrows raised wondering how the two intense men would work together.

Thus far, the players seem to be enjoying the dynamic.

"That's one thing I've been loving so much about this year so far is the competitiveness, and it starts with the coaches," star defensive end Leonard Williams said Wednesday, via the Associated Press. "Adam Gase is a crazy offensive coordinator and Gregg is obviously a crazy D-coordinator. So, having those two go at it in practice, it kind of trickles down to the players, and the players go at it, too.

"But it's in a healthy way. Just a competition, getting better."

Williams wanted to make it clear he was using the word "crazy" as a compliment.

"Yeah, when I say 'crazy,' it's in a good way," he said, laughing.

The makeup of the Jets coaching staff is one of the most interesting in the league. Alongside the fiery Gase and Gregg Williams is outside linebackers coach Joe Vitt, Gase's father-in-law and Williams' former adversary during BountyGate in New Orleans.

The combustibility has a chance to backfire if the season implodes, but right now the intensity of the staff is providing a positive atmosphere for the players during offseason workouts. Leonard Williams noted the speed at which both sides of the ball move upping the energy of OTAs.

"I feel like that's the mentality that's running through the whole team and there's a lot of fire in everybody right now," Williams said.

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