Leonard Fournette might be the most exciting player of 2017

In the training camp rookies are paying their dues by carrying pads and bringing vets donuts. However, once fall gets here, and rookies begin proving themselves on the field, there's a shift -- the kids who were at the back of the bus could be driving it. Such is the case with breakout Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette.

Yes, we've heard a lot about Chiefs' RB Kareem Hunt this season, and for good reason -- he's on pace to break Eric Dickerson's all-time rookie rushing record. That being said, he's not the only rookie running back who you should be paying attention to.

Fournette passes the numbers test, too. He's currently the second leading rusher in the league with 466 yards and tied for first in rushing touchdowns (5). Through Week 5, the 3-2 Jaguars lead the AFC South and are one of the biggest surprises of the season so far. Leonard's 93 rushing yards per game have played a big part in the new-look Jaguars.

However, many rookies have had great statistical seasons, it's those with personality who become fan favorites. Yesterday, Fournette's charisma was on full display. Yesterday, Fournette challenged a defender to come tackle him, showing fans that he truly loves the game. He also had some fun jawing back and forth with Steelers FS Mike Mitchell.

If that weren't enough, he takes running highlights to the next level. On Sunday, Fournette reached a speed we've yet to see in 2017.

He has hops, too.

Yes, that's him taking flight from the four-yard line.

Hops, speed, consistency, personality, and fantasy help too -- Fournette is the 3rd ranked RB in fantasy football based on points.

This sounds like a dating profile for football fans looking for the next big star, but Jaguars fans -- and NFL fans in general -- have every right to be excited about this electrifying rookie. Don't make snide remarks like, "we'll see in December" -- just appreciate the greatness you're witnessing.

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