Leaner version of Bears RB David Montgomery running into 2020

Right around this time last year, David Montgomery was a fresh face full of potential and promise for Bears fans and fantasy owners.

He was a rookie running back on the rise who was prognosticated for a bountiful season.

It didn't materialize. So Montgomery is offering up a newer version of himself heading into 2020. And it's a leaner one.

Montgomery's slimmed down from 224 pounds as a rookie to 218 heading into the reclamation project known as the 2020 season. It came with a more disciplined diet that cut out favorites such as red meat, Swiss cheese, jerky and donuts.

"I definitely think that was a big emphasis for me this offseason, just being sure that I focus on my body maintenance, being sure I put the right things in my body and being able to cut some weight and being able to move a little because last year, I wasn't moving the way I knew I could," Montgomery said, via the team website.

With the change in diet has come a trimmer and faster version of Montgomery heading into 2020. Following a first year in which he tallied 889 yards rushing on just 3.7 yards per carry, a quicker step and a faster stride should do well for Montgomery and the Bears.

"I was a lot slower than I know I was capable of moving at and it affected the game," Montgomery said. "I kind of let myself get in the way of myself as far as what I ate last year. I didn't really care. I was a rookie. I was just eating whatever, but now it's definitely a main focal point in my everyday life. It's just being sure I put the right things in my body so it can carry over to the field."

Saying no to donuts is a tough call, but saying yes to more yards might well come from it.

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