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League memo discourages clubs from feigning injuries

The NFL has warned teams that any suspected faking of injuries by players to disrupt the flow of the game could result in players, coaches and clubs facing league discipline -- including the forfeiture of draft picks.

In a memo sent to all 32 teams Wednesday morning, the NFL stated: "Should the league office determine that there is reasonable cause, all those suspected in being involved in faking injuries will be summoned promptly to this office in New York to discuss the matter. Those found to be violators will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action for conduct detrimental to the game. Discipline could include fines of coaches, players and clubs, suspensions or forfeiture of draft choices."

The harsh warning comes two days after two New York Giants defenders dropped to the ground with alleged injuries during a drive by the St. Louis Rams, who were effectively driving the ball down the field in a no-huddle offense. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that he thought safety Deon Grant, one of the players who fell to the ground, was cramping because of the tempo of the drive.

The NFL stated that it doesn't have any rules against players feigning injuries because putting those in place could result in players who truly are hurt remaining on the field and jeopardizing their health to prevent a penalty. For now, the rules state that the only way discipline is levied is if a player, coach or club official admits to faking an injury.

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