Le'Veon Bell, aka Juice, drops new song

We have a dearth of athlete rappers right now.

Let me rephrase that: I'm sure there are a whole bunch of guys currently dabbling in hip hop -- pro-athlete-as-aspiring-rapper is a story as old as The Sugarhill Gang -- but it's been awhile since someone bubbled up in popular culture in any tangible way.

The list ain't long. Shaq went platinum, though the jury's out whether that was indicative of his MC ability or just a testament to how bananas the '90s were. Deion put out a G-funk record pretty much exclusively about money. D-Jax got Snoop on a song once. Oh, and Ray Lewis teased a release that seemed to have been quickly, mercifully, taken out back and put down.

Enter Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers star who's been trying to get his rap career off the ground for a minute now. Bell -- who goes by the name Juice -- released a mix tape earlier this year and now has a dropped a new song titled "I'm The Man." It's like if Future and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra had a baby.

I invite you to judge it for yourself. Reviews are decidedly mixed in the comment section of Bell's SoundCloud, but hell, comments at the bottom of End Around posts are no better. If nothing else, give Bell credit for the conscious attempt to reboot "Juice" as an dignified pseudonym for NFL tailbacks. Uphill climbs all over the place here.

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