Lattimore on 'butt interception': 'I must be living right'

There have been plenty of memorable, on-the-ground catches in the NFL.

Antonio Freeman's Monday Night Football catch against the Vikings that prompted Al Michaels to exclaim "he did what!?" comes to mind, as does Jermaine Kearse's leg bobble in Super Bowl XLIX. Even Gary Barnidge's thigh catch in 2015 could qualify.

But there are also the lowlights of the game, such as Mark Sanchez's infamous butt fumble.

So what happens when you combine the two? You get...the butt interception.

Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore is having one heck of a year and is a leading candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year. He's also apparently the beneficiary of some good football karma.

That physics-defying catch stunned even Lattimore.

"I must be living right, I don't know," Lattimore said, via ESPN. "I don't know. They're gonna have to call it what they want. ... But it was a great play and we won, so that's all I can think about."

Imagine that: Diving to make a play, seeing a live ball deflect up in the air, ripe for intercepting but seemingly out of reach, landing on your leg and staying off the ground and then pinning the still-live ball against your rear end in a game that ended in a win for your team. The only fortune better than that comes in the Mega Millions.

"Everybody else was trying to grab it. So I just had to keep it in my possession," Lattimore said.

Whether he likes the name of the play, it's already made its rounds on social media, with #ButtPick seemingly prevailing over #ButtInterception or #Butterception. Our own Andie Hagemann had perhaps the best summary of the rare occurence:

Unbuttlievable, indeed.

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