Larry Fitzgerald: I'd have ring if A.P. had arrived earlier

Adrian Peterson's debut in Arizona had all the makings of the third act in a rom-com.

Our flick began with the Cardinals passing on Peterson way back in 2007. Instead, Arizona selected Levi Brown with the No. 5 overall pick. The disappointing Brown struggled for seven years in the desert. Meanwhile, the star of the show, Peterson, built a Hall of Fame resume in Minnesota, overcoming several hurdles along the way.

After a predictable disaster sequence in New Orleans, Peterson landed where he could have been from the start, in Arizona.

The opening montage of his time in a Cardinals jersey is a highlight reel chock-full of big plays, hallmark angry All Day runs, and bursts to daylight.

Sunday's 134-yard, two touchdown performance from Peterson had veteran Larry Fitzgerald dreaming about what could have been had the Cardinals drafted the running back in 2007.

"I wish he'd have been here 11 years from the beginning," Fitzgerald said, via the team's official website. "I'd have a Super Bowl ring already. But having him here, his leadership, his demeanor in the huddle, I think it's reinvigorating everybody."

In four games in New Orleans, Peterson received just 27 carries for 81 yards. It wasn't that he looked bad in those snaps -- both teams and the small sample size of film said otherwise. It was just the wrong fit. In Arizona, Peterson has the chance to be himself and carry the load.

"I feel good. This is the opportunity I've been waiting for. Once I got that call on Tuesday, I was rejuvenated," Peterson said.

Rejuvenated. Reinvigorated. Revived. Revitalized. Restored.

Whichever word you want to use to describe Peterson and the Geriatric Cardinals, the running back put his new team on his back and carried them into the playoff hunt with Sunday's win.

The final chapter of our film will be fascinating to watch unfold the rest of the season.

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