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Lane Johnson: Wentz in 'different mental state' for '19

The biggest question surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles heading into the 2019 season is the return of Carson Wentz after yet another season-ending injury.

With Nick Foles gone, and Wentz getting his big payday, all the Eagles' chips are in on the first-round QB returning to his MVP-caliber form of 2017. All offseason signs have indicated Wentz is on a path to a positive return.

Joining NFL Network's NFL Total Access to promote his Offensive Line Masterminds Summit, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson glowed about the work Wentz put in during the offseason and noted the QB is in a good mental spot.

"I love it, every day when I go in the building, all I see is him in there before everybody else, rehabbing, doing whatever it takes." Johnson said of Wentz. "I just think he's really on a different mental state than he's ever been as far as training and ignoring distractions and really trying to be the best player he is. So, I just see that worker and a guy who is about to do some big things this season."

Wentz enters the 2019 campaign with a load of pressure on his shoulders. Not only did he get a massive new contract, but the expectations for an Eagles squad with few holes are through the roof. If the Eagles fail to maximize their talent, or another injury strikes the QB, the ire of the Philly fanbase will likely glare directly at Wentz. As such, Johnson noting that Wentz is in a good mental space is a positive sign. All that public pressure could push some players toward the edge of combusting.

Thus far, everything we've heard all offseason has indicated Wentz is poised for a big campaign in 2019. Now the QB just needs to make the in-season production match the offseason hype.

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