Landon Collins refuses to refer to Giants by name

While Odell Beckhamcontinues to rehash the end of his career in New York, Landon Collins, another ex-Big Blue player, won't even utter the Giants' name.

In a recent interview with the 106.7 The Fan, Collins was discussing his Madden 20 rating -- because to complain about such a thing is apparently in vogue in 2019 -- which obviously relied heavily on his play with his former team. During the conversation, Collins characterized the Giants as "the other team I was on."

The omission of the club name did not go unnoticed by host Chris Lingebach.

"You didn't say their name," he pointed out. "Was that intentional?"

"It's no point," Collins said. "It's no point in saying their name."

Petty? Perhaps, given that Collins got a big deal from Washington he didn't seem poised to receive from the Giants. Smirk-worthy fun? For an outside observer, certainly.

If Collins sticks to refusing to say the Giants team name it will add a little kindle to an already sparked division rivalry that between the safety's defection, the rookie quarterback selections, and years of history should offer intrigue even if the play on the field for either team isn't otherworldly in 2019.

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