Lamarr Houston: Aaron Rodgers is 'a little too arrogant'

Here's one way to keep your name in the news cycle during the offseason: Repeatedly disparage the best quarterback on the planet.

Bears linebacker Lamarr Houston had some negative things to say about Aaron Rodgers after a Bears victory over the Packers last season. He didn't take it back during a trip through the ESPN car wash on Tuesday.

"He's a little arrogant for me. He's a little too arrogant," Houston said on SportsNation.

"He's a cheesehead. I'm a Bear. He's a cheesehead. But I have a lot of respect for his game, I will say that. He's a great quarterback. As a player, I have a lot of respect for him ... but the whole championship belt thing kind of gets on my nerves."

Houston is referring to Rodgers' celebration move in which he pantomimes having a championship belt across his waist. The move, a nod to the world of professional wrestling, is usually reserved for rushing touchdowns and became the centerpiece of an enduring -- or endless, depending on your perspective -- State Farm Insurance ad campaign.

Houston's first criticism of Rodgers came last Thanksgiving, when the pass rusher had a sack, nine tackles and a fumble recovery in Chicago's upset win over the Packers at Lambeau Field.

"I didn't really look at him after (the sack), because I don't give two flying (expletive) about him," Houston said after the victory. "I really don't like that guy."

It sounds like these two guys need to get together in a room and find some common ground. Wonder where Lamarr comes down on life on other planets?

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