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Lamar Jackson sore after 'pretty cool' front-flip touchdown: 'I'd probably do it again'

Lamar Jackson's go-ahead touchdown ultimately gave the Ravens the win over Kansas City and came with a bit of flair.

Keeping the ball on a read option that drew the entire Chiefs defense to the middle of the field, Jackson ran around the right end and was free to walk into the end zone late Sunday night. He trotted toward the goal line, then capped it with a front flip into the painted area.

While taunting talk remains prevalent early in the season, we can save that discussion for later. Jackson didn't draw a flag, but did help his Ravens take the lead -- and he'd likely do it again if given the opportunity.

"I'm kind of sore," Jackson said Wednesday of the effects of his acrobatic touchdown, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. "I didn't want to tell coach (John Harbaugh) because coach would've probably said something to me about flipping next time. I don't know. I'd probably do it again though. It was pretty cool."

The flip was pretty cool, but avoiding discussing it with Harbaugh -- a member of the coaching subcommittee that encouraged more attention paid to taunting -- was a wise move. Jackson is, after all, Baltimore's most important player by a massive margin, and after his 346 scrimmage yards and three total touchdowns pushed Baltimore past Kansas City, Harbaugh is not likely to encourage any more physical risk in the name of celebration.

Jackson sealed Baltimore's come-from-behind win over Kansas City with a run on fourth-and-1 for a first down, a decision made after Harbaugh appealed directly to his quarterback for his input. When they agreed to go for it and executed, they reaped the rewards.

Harbaugh will want Jackson available for many more of those moments this season and beyond. He'll likely prefer Jackson score in a more conventional way, even if it is a little less fun.

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