Kyler Murray on latest loss: 'I'm used to winning'

Kyler Murray isn't searching for the silver lining hidden within the rain cloud of a loss.

After the Arizona Cardinals lost a 16-0 lead to the San Francisco 49ers, and two more late leads for their fourth straight loss, falling 36-26, the former Heisman Trophy winner vented his frustration.

"I'm used to winning," Murray said, via ESPN. "I've always won, and then being in situations like when you go up 16 or you're in position to win and you should win, it's disappointing."

Murray continues to sizzle on offense, showing a vast pool of potential, with easy gas on his throws, a wicked fastball when needed, impeccable timing on tosses, improved ability to skim through his reads, and a trigger so quick he's about to be cast in a commercial featuring an Old West gun duel. Sunday, the rookie even added splash plays with his legs to the arsenal, scampering eight times for 67 yards (tied team high) and a score.

Murray's play of late offers a wealth of optimism for the Cards even as they sit at a dismal 3-7-1. The future in the desert looks bright, and Arizona's decision to make Murray the No. 1 pick despite having a first-round QB on the roster looks like a spot-on move.

Yet, the QB isn't here to hear about the future. He's not here for the moral victories.

"I'm a competitor," Murray said. "I love the game of football so every time I step on the field I'm going to do me. I'm going to go hard for the guys in the locker room. So, that's really all I can do. Leave it all on the field and we just came up short."

If you're an Arizona fan, Murray verbalizing the bitter taste sitting in his mouth is exactly what you want to hear. It takes voracious competitors to win consistently in the NFL from the QB position. Anything less than 100 percent drive to be better will end in failure. Let others talk about the bright side of a loss and moral victories. Any signal-caller with his head in the clouds will inevitably be whisked away with the wind.

Murray was asked if Sunday's loss to the division-leading Niners on the road after getting a big lead was harder to take than the other six. The QB lamented.

"Ah, s---, I don't know," Murray said. "A loss is a loss, and we got to get better."

Better days are on the desert horizon, but Murray isn't focused on the silver linings. He just wants Ws.

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