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Kyle Shanahan: 'Monkey off my back' after first win

The San Francisco 49ers earned the first victory of the Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch era, a 31-21 beatdown of the disintegrating New York Giants.

The win gave Shanahan a chance to echo former Niners great Steve Young.

"Yeah, I've gotten that monkey off my back now," Shanahan said of his first win as an NFL head coach. "Now I have to get a second one, and that will be another monkey. I know it was just one win, but it definitely felt good and we worked hard for it, but that's not what our goal is. There are a lot of goals ahead of us, and we feel like we are going in that direction, but it feels good to get a win for everyone here."

Heading into the bye week -- which could bring with it the start of the Jimmy Garoppolo era -- with a win is a satisfying feeling for a team that wasn't expected to compete this season. For a rebuilding franchise, making sure you don't go down in infamy as an 0-16 team is a weight lifted. Now the Niners can focus on getting better for years down the road.

In the meantime, celebrating a win is always fun:

I wonder what Jimmy G is thinking right there?

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