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Kyle Rudolph's gloves to benefit charity after all

All's well that ends well, right?

Wednesday was a whirlwind day for a few people in Minnesota, including tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Our saga begins with a tweet from the Minnesota TE relaying unfortunate deceit:

Later Rudolph noted it "wasn't a local reporter I see daily or national reporter."

Basically, Rudolph was feeling great after a big catch in a big spot in a huge road playoff game, and somebody took advantage for personal gain.

With outrage flourishing, our story takes a turn.

Jason King, a lifelong Vikings fan and avid memorabilia collector, messaged Rudolph on Twitter, saying he's the one who purchased the gloves sold on eBay for $375. King offered to donate to a charity of Rudolph's choice and was able to raise $1,630 for the University of Minnesota Children's hospital last night alone -- a figure confirmed by the hospital.

King told Courtney Cronin of ESPN that if he ever receives the gloves -- it's possible the deceiver, feeling the heat, will choose to bury their swindled goods -- he plans to donate them as well.

"If I end up receiving the gloves, I would like them to be displayed at the children's hospital in honor of Kyle," King said. "I have four kids myself, and I really appreciate the work he does off the field."

If he doesn't get the gloves, King told Cronin he plans to donate the money earmarked for them towards Kyle Rudolph's End Zone -- a play area for children at the hospital.

In a time full of dim, divisive, depressing stories, the response of King and others shows there still light in the world when we care to see it.

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