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Kyle Allen channels Houdini to escape J.J. Watt sack

Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen took the snap on third-and-6. His team led the Houston Texans13-10 with 3:14 left in the fourth quarter. Sitting in field goal range at the 29, this play would go a long way in determining how much time Deshaun Watson would have to conduct a potential comeback drive.

Allen dropped back to pass. Within seconds J.J. Watt blew past the offensive line and rumbled toward the young quarterback making his third career start.

"Most quarterbacks would go down when they see that bulldozer come toward them," Panthers defensive end Mario Addison said.

Allen didn't let that bulldozer take him down. Instead, the quarterback somehow slid underneath the sack, which would have dropped him around the 40-yard-line and likely knocked the Panthers out of field goal range. Keeping his balance as he stumbled forward, Allen found Jarius Wright wide open down the field for a 17-yard gain.

"Unbelievable. Reminded me of Cam (Newton), honestly," safety Tre Boston said. "Those are the type of plays you need to win a ballgame."

"That was just reaction," Allen said. "We were trying to get a ball to D.J. (Moore) on the left side, he kind of got caught up in the middle of the field, I was getting ready to throw it and I saw [Watt] squirt through.

"Just kind of reacted, got out of it. Thank God I stayed on my feet."

By staying on his feet and connecting for the first down, the Panthers were able to milk most of the clock before kicking a chippy field goal. Instead of allowing Watson nearly three minutes to try to score, the Panthers only gave the Texans star QB 28 seconds, which came up short of Houston.

Watt blamed himself for allowing Allen to slip through the tackle.

"If I make that play at the end, probably out of field goal range, probably we get the ball back with some time left," Watt said. "I put that 100 percent on me. I have to make that play. (Allen) made a great play."

Allen's great play pushed the Panthers to a 2-2 record after getting off to an 0-2 start this season under a struggling Newton. In a game in which Allen fumbled three times on three sacks, it was his slick move to avoid Watt that made a massive difference in the end.

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