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Kurt Warner: Anquan Boldin deserves to be in Hall

Dipping your toes into the which receivers should make the Hall of Fame debate seems like a good way to get screamed at by a Twitter egg these days, so, presented without much of an opinion, here is what Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner said about Anquan Boldin.

"I might bang the table for Anquan Boldin, because I think of all those guys, he gets the least respect for how great he is," Warner said on Pro Football Talk Live, transcribed by the Cardinals' official website. "It amazes me, we want to keep looking at measurables and how fast guys are, as opposed to (being) one of the greatest football players I ever played with, competed more than anybody I ever played (with).

"He wanted the ball in his hands, was a difference-maker. Everybody tries to get rid of him and he just goes and he's the No. 1 receiver on that next team. So I believe he's the one who gets the least amount of respect, so I would love to get on the table for him."

Boldin, 36, won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award last year and has a distinguished record of service through his foundation.

Here are some other facts:

Boldin is currently 14th all-time in receiving yards (13,779), which is more than Art Monk, Steve Largent and Andre Reed -- they are all in the Hall of Fame.

Boldin is ninth in receptions, well ahead of a slew of Hall of Famers, and is tied for 23rd in touchdowns with 82.

In recent interviews with both the Cardinals' website and The Detroit News, Boldin said he is unsure of the next step. Last season, when many teams incorrectly presumed he was finished, he produced a very strong 67-catch, eight-touchdown season with the Lions. His former team, the Ravens, are currently aching for a veteran receiver as are a few teams around the league who could use a dependable hand. Teams with red zone woes would be foolish not to give him a look this spring if he is indeed interested in coming back.

Any statistic he logs this year will add to an excellent career that Warner feels is already worthy of Hall of Fame consideration. Will the voters agree?

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