Kraft says Patriots concerned with wins, not selling jerseys

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft apparently isn't a big believer in dress codes, especially for the man running his football team.

But outside of Kraft's inner circle, coach Bill Belichick's game attire -- more specifically, his sideline hoodie -- have caused a certain level of consternation among fans, opponents and even marketing folks.

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But Kraft is the one in the corner office calling the shots. As long as the wins keep coming, he's signing off on whatever it takes to bring them. Plus, he's grown somewhat fond of the look.

"You know, our marketing people and the Reebok folks came, and they didn't like him wearing the hoodie," Kraft told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday. "I sort of like the hoodie. Because, we're not about selling jerseys or clothes. We're about winning football (games), and that's what he is.

"The key managers I have in anything, I want them to be true to themselves and not be phonies. We're lucky to have, I think, the finest coach in modern-day history."

The awareness over Belichick's hoodies reached a new level when it was made "official" that the infamous red hoodie from Super Bowl XLII wouldn't be brought back against the New York Giants in this Super Bowl.

"The Patriot Way" draws admiration as well as mockery, but the hoodie serves as a small example that Kraft is OK with winners doing things their own way.

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