Kraft: Patriots fans would welcome Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't visited Gillette Stadium since the NFL punished Tom Brady for Deflategate. While many -- especially those in the Boston-area -- believe Goodell is dodging New England, the commissioner said Wednesday he's not avoiding attending Patriots games.

"If I'm invited back to Foxborough, I'll come," he said.

Goodell later added: "I have no doubt if I wanted to come out to a Patriots game, and I asked Mr. (Robert) Kraft, he would welcome me back. That's up to him though."

Consider an offer extended.

The Patriots owner later said in a statement that if his team wins Super Bowl LI on Sunday, next season's kickoff game would be the perfect time for Goodell to return to New England.

"I've talked to a lot of fans who would love to welcome Roger back to Gillette Stadium," Kraft said in a statement to ESPN's Mike Reiss. "If we are fortunate enough to win on Sunday, the kickoff of the (2017) NFL season would present the perfect opportunity."

If it comes to pass, that would be the cherry on top of another Super Bowl season for Patriots fans.

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