Kraft jokes Revis considered returning for less money

In the midst of a joke, Patriots owner Robert Kraft might have shed a little light on the Patriots' battle to keep Darrelle Revis.

"We've been taking a lot of flak about losing one of our best players Darrelle Revis, and what happened," Kraft said at a St. Patrick's Day breakfast over the weekend. "The story isn't known, and I'm gonna tell the story here, and you're gonna know how sensitive I am to what the people in this room care about. The money was about the same, he was actually favoring us, coming to us a little cheaper, but he had one demand, and that demand was ... he wanted to change the name down the street here of Castle Island to Revis Island. I told him that was non-negotiable and a deal-breaker."

The Revis Island joke aside, Kraft dropping the note that Revis was almost interested in coming back for less money is somewhat intriguing if it's true.

If this is the owner's way of keeping Patriots fans on his side -- not that he needs much help -- it'll probably work. Revis has taken flak over the years for being an assassin for hire at the highest bidder. It's a convenient way for fans to dismiss him.

But in the end, Revis will go down as one of the brightest players in NFL history. Though he's back with the Jets, he likely wouldn't have been if the money wasn't right.

Revis has approached negotiations in the same cold and calculated way that all of his peers are approached by ownership.

Yes, he's back home but he's back home with the highest bidder.

Kraft likely knew that going in, anyway.

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