Kolb justified to expect multiyear contract in any trade

Kevin Kolb should expect to receive a blockbuster contract once trading resumes and the Philadelphia Eagles are able to deal their backup quarterback.

That doesn't mean he'll get one. But he's hardly crazy to demand such a financial windfall, as a recent report by Tom Pelissero of ESPN Radio Twin Cities said he would.

Kolb is easily the most coveted of the likely available quarterbacks with NFL starting experience, which still might not be enough to convince another team to risk too many millions of dollars. But if it can be assumed that a team almost certainly will give up a first-round draft pick for Kolb and perhaps multiple premium choices, it stands to reason that a fat contract would follow.

There are simply too many teams with desperate -- or even semi-desperate -- quarterback needs to believe that one wouldn't be willing to take the significant plunge in draft picks and dollars to land Kolb. Some of them no doubt will address those needs during this month's draft, which could shrink the market for Kolb or any other available quarterback with experience.

But with the expectation of a rookie wage scale being put in place, if a team drafts a quarterback, it still might not be opposed to the idea of acquiring Kolb to help ensure that it has short- and long-term coverage at the position.

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