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Kolb has tremendous respect for Reid but wants to move on

Kevin Kolb reiterated Tuesday that he doesn't expect to be a Philadelphia Eagle very long after the NFL lockout ends.

Speaking to guest host Howard Eskin on "The Dan Patrick Show," Kolb said he has envisioned playing for the Arizona Cardinals, among other teams, and that he can't see a scenario in which he would return to Philadelphia despite the tremendous respect he has for Eagles coach Andy Reid.

"We all know how the NFL works, there's a lot of surprises and unknowns out there," said Kolb, who was anointed the Eagles' starting quarterback entering the 2010 season, only to sustain a concussion, then watch Michael Vick take over the job. "I think that most people can connect the dots now. Arizona would be a great place.

"I've obviously envisioned myself there and some other places. They all have a chance to be great, and that's the kind of team you want to go to if you're going to be traded."

Should Kolb be dealt to the Cardinals, one of the fringe benefits would be having one of the league's top receivers to pass to -- Larry Fitzgerald.

"Anyone who has played against, with or been around Larry, which I haven't been able to do much, understands how great of a guy he is and what kind of a player he is," Kolb said. "I'm excited if that does happen. He'd be a good one to throw to."

When asked about how difficult it is to prepare for a season without knowing which team he might be playing for, Kolb responded: "It's really tough because mentally you try to put yourself in those places and then you start pumping the brakes and say, 'Hold on, I'm still an Eagle.' What happens if I go to training camp there or I go to training camp somewhere else I'm not planning on?"

Eskin also asked Kolb if there was any chance of the quarterback remaining with the Eagles.

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"I don't want to look down that route," Kolb said. "Again, I've had a great time there, but it's time for me to move on and do my own thing.

"Listen, I'm the first one to tell you I had my shot and it didn't work out. And that's why I've got to go prove myself somewhere else if that opportunity presents itself."

Kolb also addressed why he believes so strongly in what Eagles coach Andy Reid has told him.

"Absolutely I believe him. I believed him when I was a rookie through last year, the hardships that we went through," Kolb said. "I'll tell you when I learned to believe and trust him as I watched him deal with other players during the four years that I have been there.

"Because he treats everyone with respect, they're not just a number on a piece of paper. That's why has the longevity that he's had and that's why we've had the success in Philly we've had because of the way he handles things. Of course, ownership and presidents run the ship as well, but everyone who has been in Philly knows that he's the yes man, and there's a reason he's that way. Because he's done a great job.

"There's nobody I respect more in the NFL or in the game of football than him."

Yet Reid has been heavily criticized in Philadelphia, almost constantly.

"I have seen behind the scenes what happens, and it feels so good to be able say this now that I possibly won't be back there," Kolb said. "The blame has to go somewhere, and Andy is such an unselfish guy. He doesn't have an ego, which is sometimes hard to find at this level.

"I have seen him take the bullet for so many players that the media had no idea about, that the fans had no idea about. He sat up there and took up for his player, and the player is in his office crying in a tough situation, and Andy's just sitting there with a shield on taking bullets for him.

"So he puts himself in those situations, but there's a reason he does it, and that's how he gets respect from his players and that's why guys play so hard for him. And I just hope that in the future everybody will look at whatever situation he's in, going, 'He's crazy for doing this. Why's he doing this?' Well, there's a reason he's doing it.

"Nobody thinks things through more thoroughly than Andy Reid, and usually it works out for the best, and that's why he's had the success he's had."

And there is little doubt Reid has thought through what he will do with Kolb.

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