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Kirk Cousins to prove he deserves long-term deal

Kirk Cousins sounds content taking 2016 to prove to the Washington Redskins he deserves a big-money, long-term contract.

Last month, Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan said he told Cousins the team would take care of him if the quarterback puts up another stellar season. "Let me overpay him if he's good," the GM said at the time.

Speaking on WJFK-FM on Monday, Cousins believes that's a fair track to take.

"I think the simple answer is that I'm content playing on the franchise tag," Cousins said, via CBS DC. "I think that people make great decisions when they have a lot of information at their disposal, and if the Redskins would like more information from this next season to be able to make a decision on me long-term, I totally understand that and understand where they're coming from.

"If they feel like they have enough information and want to make that call right now, then great, too. But I think the ball's in their court, and I will react accordingly to whatever decision they make. But I am totally comfortable playing more football, and frankly if I don't play well next season, I don't deserve to be back. I don't deserve a long-term deal. So I want to go out and earn it, and prove myself, and if I need to prove myself again, that's fine. I'll go see if I can do that."

Cousins added that he thinks "there's a chance" the sides could still agree to a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline, but he's content to play on the $19.9 million franchise tag, which he has signed.

With just one full season as a starter under his belt, it's prudent for Washington to make Cousins duplicate his 2015 success before inking the fourth-round quarterback to a massive deal.

Proving he's the long-term answer sounds just fine to Cousins as well.

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