Kirk Cousins: Season a dream come true

Kirk Cousins has moved rather seamlessly from *You like that?* Kirk, to rambling children's book character Kurt, but in the most enjoyable way.

Just check out his quote when asked about whether or not he's taking it all in, via

"I remember sitting as a high school kid and staying up late with friends and you're just kind of looking at the stars," Cousins said. "And you make a wish on a shooting star and my wish was to play in the NFL. So the fact that you get to live that dream, you forget it because you're so involved in the job. But there's no doubt I feel I'm living a dream."

Just imagine a young Cousins, hair tussled, sitting there in his giant letterman's jacket waiting for a star to glide past his gaze so that he could make a wish. These are the kinds of things Pixar movies are made of.

And yet, no matter how fun it is to watch Cousins go on this ride, it's hard not to think of Robert Griffin III and be at least a little bummed out.

Griffin III has talent. He's going to be a good quarterback next year on a different team. But it's tough to be robbed of the kind of adulation, and Griffin was put in a situation where he was destined to fail. Now, he has to sit back and watch everyone talk about Cousins the way they used to talk about him.

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