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Kirk Cousins 'not expecting' draft-weekend trade

If the Redskins aren't confident in their ability to sign Kirk Cousins to a new contract, they might be tempted to select a quarterback in the early rounds of the upcoming draft.

Does that mean Cousins will be available for trade when the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off on April 27 in Philadelphia?

"I'm not expecting anything to happen," Cousins said Tuesday on ESPN's NFL Live.

Nor should he.

While the start of the new league year was rampant with trade speculation in early March, team president Bruce Allen recently stressed that the organization has reached a "100 percent" consensus about the desire for a long-term relationship with Cousins.

Whereas many league observers believe the Redskins will simply lose Cousins to free agency next offseason, Allen has stated that he views the idea of a third consecutive franchise tag as an option year for the team in 2018.

Taking public comments at face value, it seems the relationship between Cousins and Washington might yet result in a multi-year contract.

Allen has emphasized doing "what's right" for his quarterback and the franchise. Cousins has acknowledged that he felt "very much supported" during his mid-March meeting with Allen and owner Daniel Snyder.

At this point, it appears the Cousins trade winds have blown over.

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