Kirk Cousins loves himself some musical theater

Hamilton is the hottest ticket on Broadway right now, with seats for the hip hop musical going for more than $300 a pop.

Despite that general societal absurdity, demand remains at a ravenous high. Kirk Cousins is pretty busy these days, but he plans to use some of that future $125 million contract to beef up Lin-Manuel Miranda's bottomless checking account.

"I'm a big Broadway fan. Love musical theatre," Cousins said, according to CBSDC. "My mom kind of raised me on that."

Cousins is a bit of a different bird, isn't he? In my high school, the jocks and theater kids ran in completely different circles. Telling your coach you had to miss practice to try out for the spring musical was tantamount to a kamikaze mission.

"Singing and dancing man -- those guys are athletic," Cousins said. "They're talented. I sit there and go, 'Wow this pretty cool.' I feel like the fan in the stands when I go to a musical. It's a cool experience for me."

Cousins went on: "I know in our culture they say singing and dancing may not be the most manly thing to do. But for whatever reason when I was growing up, my mom and my dad, they raised me to be secure in yourself and to just appreciate it. So I have a huge appreciation for singing and dancing."

Don't you try to put Kirk in a box.

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