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King: Tebow won't be Broncos' starting QB by Jets game

Add Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King to the growing list of Tim Tebow's doubters.

King, appearing "The Rich Eisen Podcast" on Tuesday, said that he did not think Tebow would last as the Denver Broncos' starting quarterback by the team's Week 11 game against the New York Jets.

"I'm a little bit soft when it comes to Tim Tebow," King said. "He was drafted as a first-round pick and they need to give him a legitimate look, three or four weeks at least. But I think his next two times out, he'll struggle. You saw what (Detroit Lions defensive end) Cliff Avril did -- pressure, pressure, pressure. I think Tebow will get a lot of pressure the next two weeks. My guess right now is the Jets will see Brady Quinn."

King said the Broncos' biggest dilemma would be deciding what to do with Tebow and the rest of their quarterbacks this offseason.

"I think in the next two weeks, (Broncos coach John) Fox is going to say 'OK, we have a pretty good sample size here. We know what we have in Tim Tebow. Maybe we use him as a Wildcat quarterback,' " King said. "The biggest thing the Denver Broncos need to do at the end of this year is to sit in a room and say 'Kyle Orton -- out, Brady Quinn -- in as a backup, Tim Tebow -- we've got to trade him or try to get something for him' or whatever it is they decide. They need to decide something going forward about their future at quarterback."

Fox Sports reporter and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer also appeared on the podcast and called Tebow "a running back who can throw, not a running quarterback." Glazer also said the Broncos revamped their entire offense last week to a more college-style offense disguised as a pro-style offense to fit Tebow's strengths.

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