Kickers miss record 12 extra-point attempts Sunday

Sunday, November 20, 2016, is a day that will live in infamy for NFL place kickers.

On 12 different occasions Sunday, a kicker lined up for an extra-point attempt following a touchdown and walked away empty-handed. Two kickers -- Mike Nugent and Robbie Gould -- missed a pair of PATs in the early games on Sunday. The 12 misses represent the most we've ever seen in one week, breaking the record of 10 that had stood for 46 years. There have been seven Sundays when 10 kicks were missed -- most recently in Week 2 of the 1985 season -- but never before now had we seen more than that.

The new record comes with a significant caveat: Until last year, PATs came from a distance of 17 yards out. In 2015, the NFL started spotting the ball at the 15-yard line -- making it a 32- or 33-yard attempt. So missing these quicks isn't quite as embarrassing ... but it's still pretty damn bad.

And if you're not entirely on-board with this, "Hey, let's give kickers a bigger role in determining the outcome of games!" hook, well, yeah ... just know you're not alone.

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