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Keyshawn: Nephew Michael Thomas is 'Colston 2.0'

Keyshawn Johnson isn't taking credit for the New Orleans Saints drafting his nephew, Michael Thomas, in the second round, but the former Pro Bowl receiver dropped some info to head coach Sean Payton before the draft.

Johnson even went so far as to compare Thomas to Saints all-time leading receiver Marques Colston.

"Sean asked me what I think. I said he's a bigger, faster Colston, to me," Johnson told ESPN's Mike Triplett.

"If you're striving to be someone in the National Football League, Marques Colston is (somebody you want to be)," Johnson said. "So if you ask me, 'Well, what is he?' There you go, that's what he is. Bigger and faster, and he's Marques Colston 2.0 or whatever you want to call him."

Johnson's bias toward blood is skewing facts, at least slightly. For starters, Colston is 6-foot-4, 225 pounds; Thomas stands 6-foot-3, 221. So "bigger" might be a stretch.

There is no doubting that the Saints hope Thomas fills the void left behind by Colston. The rookie has an enormous catch radius and speed in the open field. He should immediately play a role in the red zone, where the Saints need size.

If he takes to the Saints' offense quickly, Thomas could be the perfect pair with the speedy Brandin Cooks, as New Orleans has revamped their receiving corps the last few seasons.

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