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Key stats from Mike McCoy's tenure in San Diego

With Mike McCoy being fired by the Chargers on Sunday, NFL Research takes a look back at McCoy's track record as the head coach in San Diego.

Mike McCoy's record in San Diego

-2016: 5-11

-2015: 4-12

-2014: 9-7

-2013: 9-7

-Career W-L: 27-37 (.422)

McCoy's postseason resume

-McCoy had one playoff appearance in his four seasons with the Chargers (2013). In that season, McCoy's Chargers beat the Bengals in the Wild Card Round, then lost to the Broncos in the Divisional Round.

San Diego's ranks under McCoy

-The offensive production during McCoy's tenure remained pretty consistent throughout. The Chargers averaged 23.3 points per game from 2013-2014 (the team had an 18-14 record over that span), and then averaged 22.8 PPG from 2015-2016 (team had a 9-23 record over that span).

-The defensive efficiency is what fell off for San Diego under McCoy. From 2013-2014, the Chargers allowed an average of 21.8 PPG. From 2015-2016, the Chargers allowed 25.7 PPG.

Struggling with finishing games

The Chargers blew a fourth-quarter lead in six of their 11 losses in 2016 under McCoy.

-Week 1 at KC: Blew 17-point lead in final 10 minutes, lost 33-27 in OT

-Week 2 at IND: Led 22-20, allowed TD to T.Y. Hilton with 1:17 left

-Week 4 vs. NO: Led 34-21, but allowed 2 TD in final five minutes to lose

-Week 10 vs. MIA: Led 24-21 with 4:04 remaining, but lost 31-24

-Week 13 vs. TB: Led 21-17 entering fourth quarter, lost 28-21

-Week 15 vs. OAK: Led 16-13 entering fourth quarter, lost 19-16

Phillip Rivers' ascent under McCoy

-From 2006-2012 (before McCoy's tenure), Phillip Rivers averaged 3,963 pass yards per season, 27 TD passes per season and a 94.8 passer rating.

-From 2006-2012 (during McCoy's tenure), Rivers averaged 4,486 pass yards per season, 31 pass TDs per season and a 95.1 passer rating.

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