Kevin Burkhardt: Jay Cutler's honesty 'a great thing'

In just one interview as a professional broadcaster, former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler showed he wasn't going to be afraid to weigh in on the people and culture he recently left behind.

On Tuesday, Cutler's future play-by-play partner at FOX, Kevin Burkhardt, told Good Morning Football that this will be Cutler's greatest asset.

"If anything about Jay Cutler, and I don't know him well, I've only gotten to know him, but I don't think he cares," Burkhardt said. "That's a great thing. You can be honest. You don't care -- you can just be honest and say what you're going to say. I think he'll do that."

Cutler's first time in the booth will be a Bears-Titans preseason tilt in Cutler's new hometown of Nashville. Burkhardt joked that he's unsure how a production meeting between Cutler and former head coach John Fox will go.

"I'm real curious about our production meetings. Like when Foxy (John Fox) walks in, is it gonna be like, 'Hey! How's it going?' I don't know," Burkhardt said. "That is going to be the challenge for everyone -- how critical can you get? You don't have to insult someone's family, you just have to say what you're seeing. That'll be a unique challenge right off the bat, though it's preseason so you don't have to get too critical."

Perhaps because we're in early May, people have already been comparing Cutler's potential strengths as a broadcaster to those of Tony Romo. Romo admitted he would have to feel out the "bias" factor, saying, "For a while there's no question I'm going to want them to succeed. There's a part of my job that's going to be impartial."

He also would not say what he thought the Texans should do at quarterback during his opening CBS conference call: "I would love to pretend I'm the GM of the Texans, but since I'm not, I'm gonna let him answer that question," he said.

Eventually, both will develop their own strengths and weaknesses in the booth. This job is far more difficult than people realize, but at the moment there seems to be more of an excitement for Cutler's dry, off-the-cuff sense of humor than Romo's smarts and sheen.

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