Kendall Hinton's QB cameo 'still unreal' to him, but hopes it helps him stick in NFL

Kendall Hinton carved out a place in the quirky, unexpected hall of NFL history in 2020 when he played emergency quarterback for an entire game due to COVID-19's impact on the Broncos.

Hinton was, in a word, dreadful, but was also placed in an unwinnable situation as a practice squad receiver haphazardly converted to starting quarterback. He completed 1 of his 9 attempts for 13 yards and threw two interceptions, finishing with a passer rating of zero in Denver's Week 12 loss to New Orleans.

Looking back, Hinton still can't believe what happened.

"To be honest with you, we're three or four months out from that game and it's still unreal to me," Hinton told The Athletic. "I think back to the opportunity I got and it's just one of those stories you can't make up. I was just lucky enough to get that opportunity to get my name in the league and around the industry."

Hinton certainly made his name significant, even if it was for undesirable reasons, and he's hoping that weird moment in time prolongs his still-young NFL career. If anything, Hinton proved he's willing to move to the front lines for his employer in a time of desperate need.

"I don't think it gave me a boost or any kind of momentum, just because I did play horribly, even though it was a great experience and I got a lot of things out of it," Hinton said. "I think what has given me momentum and motivation heading into next year is the things I was able to do in practice that people don't see."

We might never get to see what Hinton has said he's done in practice, and if he does take an NFL field again, it will most likely be at his actual position of receiver. His quarterbacking days are probably finished, but his pro career is not yet complete. And no matter how it goes from here, we'll always recognize his name for his one-day stint as a starting quarterback, even if his dream was more like a nightmare than a Hollywood ending.

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