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Kelly won't take hoverboards away from his players

Chip Kelly will not take his players' hoverboards away.

The Eagles coach was recently asked about the small movement devices that have populated his facility throughout the season, and whether or not they were a safety hazard.

"Malcolm (Jenkins) started it," Kelly said, per NFL Media's James Palmer. "I think he teaches a class on it. We haven't had any injuries and it hasn't been a big issue -- but there are, there's a lot of them. It's a little bit like 'Back to the Future' with guys flying around the hallways here. If we had an injury, we would address it, but they have been doing it I think since back in preseason camp, maybe even back to OTAs and we have not had any -- knocking on wood -- 'hover board injuries'. I don't even know how you would put that on the injury report. Would you have to list that as hover board, Grade One or Grade Two? We haven't had anything yet."

In this CSN New England post, Tom E. Curran makes a good point about Chip Kelly and his sense of humor. It is Bill Belichick-ian in a way, and there are few coaches who can pull off the deadpan as well as those two. Contrast that to Rex Ryan -- a brand which I particularly find funny, but not everyone enjoys Family Guy -- and you run the gamut of coaches who can make us chuckle on a fairly consistent level.

Not that it's a reason to keep Kelly around -- the Eagles could very well be 4-7 this weekend after playing Belichick in Foxborough with a roster constructed in his vision -- but it is valuable to look at him outside of the cold and calculated villain who many outsiders and former players project him as.

Like Belichick, Kelly's sense of humor and coaching style is not going to play with everyone. It's an acquired taste, but New Englanders have learned to love it.

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