Kaylee Foster: Clutch kicker, homecoming queen & viral star

Watch any coming-of-age movie and the plot will likely feature a character who's a star football player and homecoming king. Kaylee Foster's life isn't a movie script, but after last weekend, it could be. The 17-year-old made national headlines last weekend after she kicked a game-winning extra point on the same night she was named homecoming queen.

The senior at Ocean Springs High School (Ocean Springs, Miss.) said donning the tiara was more nerve-wracking than lining up for the game-clinching extra point.

"I never really thought it would be me," said Foster. "Then I got [homecoming] queen, I was so in shock I didn't know what to do. After they told me, the principal said, 'Kaylee you're shaking.'"

The epic night continued as Foster kicked a 20-yard and 30-yard field goal, accounting for all of the Greyhounds points in regulation.

"After I made the second FG kick, I'm bouncing off the walls," said Foster.

After going to overtime, Ocean Springs trailed 12-6, but Foster reminded her team that victory was still within reach.

"Alright guys, we can do this, we're not about to lose this game," said Foster as she rallied her teammates on the sidelines.

This scenario was not out of the norm, Foster said she is one of many leaders on the team. "I really try to be there for the younger guys [from a leadership perspective]."

After the pep talk, the team showed their resiliency in a drive that ended when QB Blake Noblin connected with TE Cade Hurring to tie the game at 12-12. Then Foster came in and capped off an amazing night with a game-winning extra point that would be seen by over 25,000 people that weekend.

Foster says she's always been a big fan of watching and playing football. She roots for the Saints and has memories of growing up playing backyard football with her cousins. Her foray into organized football happened when a coach saw her in a kickball tournament and asked her to try out for the 7th grade team.

She's no stranger to coming through in the clutch either. As a freshman, she kicked a game-winning FG with five seconds left on the clock.

As for those who've heard her story and are inspired, Foster has a simple yet beneficial message:

"Do you, be awesome. Because you are awesome."

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