Justin Tuck: Ndamukong Suh seems 'Raider-ish'

Plenty of suitors will line up to court Ndamukong Suh if the Detroit Lions defensive tackle becomes a free agent on March 10.

Some players are already out recruiting.

Defensive end Justin Tuck said Thursday from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX that he believes Suh "seems to be an Oakland Raider."

"(He's) Raider-ish," Tuck said, per the Detroit Free Press. "And that's one of the reasons why I know Raider Nation would applaud that move, beyond the fact that he's an awesome football player. He kind of fits the mold of ... the toughness and the ferocious player that built the Oakland Raiders."

Suh's bad-boy reputation would mesh well with Raiders lore, but it's the impact the defensive lineman makes on the field that Tuck points to.

"The thing about him, you know what you're getting every day. Some of the tactics, you could probably do without, but he's a hell of a football player," Tuck said. "I would love to have the opportunity to line up beside of him and let him take all the double teams that I normally take."

Suh is going to earn a contract that exceeds $100 million. The Raiders have a projected salary cap space north of $50 million this season. Given their need for game-changing talent and money available, Suh's fit with Oakland makes sense. Having Suh and Khalil Mack on the same defensive line would be fun to watch -- and immediately vault the NFL's No. 22 run defense in 2014 to one of the upper-echelon units.

"I know Raider Nation would love to have him," Tuck said. "I think Detroit would love to keep him, but hopefully, it works out for us, and I get an opportunity to play with that guy, because it would be phenomenal for what we're trying to build in Oakland."

Plenty of teams will surface with interest for the All-Pro defender, Tuck just wants to make sure the Raiders are at the front of that line.

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