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Justin Houston posts video of progress from surgery

Justin Houston is making progress from offseason surgery on his ACL and LCL.

The recovery period is six to 12 months for such a procedure.

Rumors began to fly about whether Houston might miss the entire season, a concept the linebacker derided.

Houston updated us on his status, posting an Instagram a video of himself working out less than two months after surgery.

"Show me someone doing this 7 wks after full ACL and LCL surgery, and I'll show you God's work. I hope y'all watching," he wrote.

Working out sans a knee brace with mobility is a positive sign, but it's hardly close to where Houston needs to be to play linebacker on an NFL field.

The workout does give credence to the idea that Houston could be back closer to month six than month 12 in his rehab.

The Chiefs maintained much of its stalwart defense this offseason, but having Houston on the field is key if they are to pass the Denver Broncos and fight off the rest of the AFC West, arguably the deepest division in the NFL.

If Houston continues to make progress and can salvage most, if not all, of the 2016 season, K.C. has a fighting chance.

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