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Justin Herbert's rookie diet? Subway sandwiches

Add another stat to Justin Herbert's eye-popping rookie resume.

The Chargers quarterback must lead the league in Subway sandwiches eaten.

This, according to Herbert's November 19th interview in GQ, in which the Bolts signal-caller says he eats fresh every night for dinner -- twice.

"Normally I'll get two sandwiches (a day)," Herbert told GQ's Emily Abbate. "One is a steak and cheese and then the other is the chicken bacon ranch, both on their Italian herbs and cheese bread."

First things first: Herbert's Subway bread choice is as elite as his on-field play. That's doubly true if he lightly toasts both daily sandwiches like he lightly toasts secondaries with that right arm.

Now let's break down the Oregon product's sheer Subway intake. Suppose Herbert frequents his local sandwichery five times a week. Over the course of the 2020 regular season, that's 65 steak and cheeses eaten plus 65 chicken bacon ranches eaten. The man puts them away.

Herbert does enjoy a splash of dietary variety now and then. He told Abbate he'll fire up his grill at home and down protein smoothies when he's at the team facility.

But Subway is the staple of No. 10's diet. It's not going anywhere — and neither is Herbert.

"That's kind of what I've been living off for the past couple of weeks," said Herbert. It's been working for me."